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Japanese Used Boats (FRP products)

Only exporter of boat material in Japan

We directly purchase world-class, high-quality FRP boats in Japan, retrieve the boat, and ship it.

With the support of the Japanese government, we have established a system that makes it possible to export the various types of boats customers may want, from small ones to large ones.

In addition, our basic business is providing boat material.

When reselling boats purchased from Japan, you are able to generate vastly greater profits by purchasing a scrap boat at a low price and repairing it than reselling a finished boat. Of course, we are more than happy to export the finished boat if that is your desire.

In such cases, we will complete the repairs for you according to your budget, at our Thai exhibition space that operated by our directly managed office, since this is more economical than making the repairs in Japan.

When purchasing outboard motors, we recommended that they be purchased with the boat since this reduces the transportation costs.

You should be sure to first check our selling price.

Explanation of costs

Our price is the price for delivery to the Japanese customs broker yard (Port of Yokohama).The following expenses are not included.

  • Vanning cost
  • Gridiron cost
  • Export legal costs
  • Port dues
  • Shipping cost

* We work with the customs broker PROSPERITY-LOGISTICS that is very skilled at container vanning, which makes it possible to obtain extremely low quotes.


Sales are as is
  • Boats hulls do not have any leaks.
  • Only boats with working engines are sold.
Container loading
  • A single container can carry 2-3 17-foot boats.
  • The container can carry 10 outboard motors at the same time.

Payment methods

Prosperity Logistics

*Since we work with the customs broker PROSPERITY-LOGISTICS, the process will flow smoother if the broker has an agent in your country.

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